ChargeShot Update #1

Britt Brady and I have been working very hard to bring to you ChargeShota couch-sitting mulitplayer death arena game about space bounty hunters.

ChargeShot started as a Ludum Dare submission, and Britt’s first solo developed game.  I had recently moved into town and connected with the Eugene Area Game Developer’s Facebook page right in time for the compo.  Britt’s entry, ChargeShot, was by far the most fun I had on any LD entry, ever.  (You can play it here).

Britt, at the same time, thought my Ludum Dare submission, “Ludum Bark Beams“, was awesome, so we got to talking.  He had just gotten an OUYA and was thinking about starting a project that he could publish on the microconsole.

“Why not ChargeShot?” I said.

I had a little more experience with the technical side of things, and told him I could probably get the game working on Android.  Then…I opened his Game Maker file.  It was his first ever game, it was made in 48 hours, and it was a mess.  So I told him I would rewrite it from scratch for him, exactly as it was, but cleaner and more manageable.

Then, magic stuff happened.  I asked him for a different shield graphic, I made a slight change to how friction works, I jokingly implemented a Super Smash Bros. style camera that I was working on, when all of a sudden, the game became a full-sized project rather than a one-level deathmatch.  New graphics, modular player select screens, lots of levels!  And in about a month of working on this thing for one whole day a week, it had become something special.

We plan to release ChargeShot on OUYA and PC around mid-Summer.

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